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Privacy Fence Fabric Outdoor

The ek grey privacy fence is an outdoor fence that is sure to keep your safety and security top priority. This well-crafted fence with its privacy-enhancing fence fabric is perfect for any outdoor space.

Privacy Fabric

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Outdoor Privacy Screen Fabric

Our outdoor privacy screen fabric is a great choice for containers, plants and window coverings. It is durable, easy to clean and looks great. Our fabric is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly materials. this beige fence with green and yellow screened view is a perfect addition to your garden. The fence is 6x50 feet and has a privacy screen of green mesh and a shade screen. The cover of the fence is also green and has a mesh border to keep it privacy. The fence is able to with a sunshade of similar material and is able to with a garden outdoor setting. this privacy fence fabric is a great for fence organizations or individuals who want to protect their privacy. Thewall street journal has already mentioned it in their article about how the company is " chiara this privacy mesh fabric is a great option if you want a high-quality, durable screen mesh fabric. It is made from a 5x1 mesh fabric with a green color. The mesh fabric is then 100%reened with a privacy screen mesh fabric. This would be a great fabric for keeping your outdoor garden privacy.