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Moda Fabric Bundles

Bonnie and camille's fabric bundle for the weekend includes 12 fat quarters of moda fabric, plus free shipping on orders over $50. This must-have quilt tool set for your florist business is sure to make your days when you're busy designing and working with flowers go much faster.


Best Moda Fabric Bundles

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Moda Fabric Bundles Amazon

This bundle includes: -1 yard of french patriotic cotton -1 yard of blue french white -1yard of french blue -1yard of red frenchola -1yard of white french -1 yard of blue frenchola -1 yard of red frenchola this bundle is perfect for on-the-go or off season shopping! this bundle is perfect for anyone who wants love notes in a mix bowl. It includes 12 fat quarters from lella boutique, which makes it the perfect size for using as a note mix or as a printer friendlyaldi. The fabrics are a great quality and make a great addition to any mix bowl. this bundle is designed for you to get all the moda fabric bundles products that are appropriate for your needs! This includes but is not limited to: -The sophie brenda riddle moda fabric bundle -The moda fabric bundle by sophie brenda riddle -The moda fabric bundle by lantern moda -The moda fabric bundle by dussy moda -The moda fabric bundle by lady moda plus this bundle is perfect for anyone who wants to get the most out of their moda fabric bundles products! The vinyard batiks fat quarter bundle of 5 new quilting 100 cortom. This bundle is perfect for those who love to quilt, and who want to get a few yards of each style from their bundle. The quilt top is made from 100 cotton, while the bottom is made from a breath-taking, off-white, tenths of a tone brighter than any known type of cotton. This quilt is sure to turn a room into a beautiful bedroom, and it is certain to add to the look of the home.