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Layer Cakes Fabric

Layer cakes are perfect for any event or wedding. Our 10 layer cakes are made from the latest in fabric and are covered in crystals and sequins. The skyline fabric is perfect for those cool tired days or a summer wedding.

Layer Cake Fabric

Layer cake fabric is a great choice for a variety of applications because it is easy to control and can be changed to create a variety of shapes and sizes. Here, you can find a tutorial on how to make a layer cake fabric with a variety of colors.

Fabric Layer Cake

Our fabric layer cake is perfect for a special occasion or a special scattering cake. The layers are made up of 10 different shades of cotton fabric, making it perfect for a custom cake. Plus, the reflection cotton fabric creates a beautiful layer cake effect. looking for a way to increase your layer cake fabric shopping list? look no further! The boundless 10 layer cakes wish cotton fabric by the bundle provides you with a constantly changing, beautiful layer cake fabric that is perfect for any project. This fabric is perfect for building a statement or everyday shirt or coat. looking for a fun and creative way to add a new twist to your edge-of-the-moon cake? look no further than the boundless 10 layer cakes by the bundle! These cake fabrics are perfect for anyurning\">layer cake>easter eggs>or any other gluten-free cake. The boundless 10 layer cakes are made with a bundus process that makes them soft and tender, making them a perfect choice for any type of cake. this purple layer cake fabric is perfect for a fun and stylish cake decorum. The fabric is made with a bright and fun jitterbug cotton fabric by the bundle. It would be perfect to up theke your purple cake decorum.