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Headliner Fabric

Looking for a favorite car or home this year? We've got the perfect automotive headliner fabric and foam backing for any car or home! Whether you're looking for a new windshield or a perfect balance of protection for your old one, we've got you covered!

Titanium Auto Headliner Fabric 60” Flat Knit 1/8

Headliner Fabric Near Me

If you're looking for a headliner fabric that is both high-quality and affordable, you've come to the right place. we offer a variety oftop-quality, high-quality, affordable, and easy-to-use top designs that will help you look your best all season long. so if you're looking for a fabric that will make a difference in your home, we've got you covered. thank you for choosing headliner fabric near me!

Unique Headliner Fabric

Our unique headliner fabric is perfect for those seeking high-quality, high-style anching headliner fabric. Our black 54x60 car ceiling sag is made of high-quality, unique headliner fabric that will give your car the perfect looking point. this is a4all about headliner fabric for cars. suede fabric is the most popular type of headliner fabric for cars. It is easy to clean but can be difficult to style. The back of a car's headliner is specific to each model year or model month and day. For a car with a headliner made to match the model year, the back is made of foam. For a later model car, the back is made of foam and plastic. The foam backings are better suited for the higher humidity and heat levels in the car manufacturing process. This difference in material is why a foam backing is often used in better quality cars. looking for a new roof and may need a new headliner fabric? where to buy headliner fabric is important as it is not available everywhere. You may want to try a local store such as… this cool headliner fabric is ideal for automotive applications, with its bright colors and stylish design. It is made from a 108-inch width perbotine fabric and can be backed with a 60-inch width perbotine fabric. The two fabrics are backed with a low- emailed perbotine fabric. This fabric is perfect for making any car look like a showpiece.